The Shape of Things To Come
Blessed New Year

Illuminated Church Doors

We've taken down the screen and the projector used to illuminate the life-sized Advent Calendar from the open church doors. Happily, the setup worked faithfully during almost every night of Advent.

Amazingly enough, the screen (a stretched piece of white cotton spandex) withstood some pretty strong winds and rains for the entire Advent season. It was a little more tricky maintaining a steady supply of electricity to the projector, since the standing structure is not waterproof from the wind, rain and snow. Additionally, once the doors were closed off by the fabric, the only way in and out of the building was through the open side of the standing church, oftentimes through deep mud. 

Thanks to those who noticed and commented. Your thoughfulness is appreciated. The lights at the base of the foundation and in the choir loft will continue to be lit as long as it is feasible during the Christmas season.