All Souls Day
Bless the Foundation of Our Church O Lord And Keep Us Firm in Faith

Sunday Morning's Church Foundation Blessing 11:15 AM

CrossJust about everything is in readiness for tomorrow's blessing after the 10:30 AM mass. 

The threat of inclement weather delayed the pouring of the concrete on the basement floor, but work did proceed to make that possible on Tuesday. Accordingly there is a plastic barrier membrane on the floor, along with a metal grating which will reinforce the concrete when it is eventually poured.

Careful footing is required. No spikes or high heels please. It might be a good idea to wear casual footwear with good traction and stability. Those who wish to participate in the prayer service, but who may not wish to risk losing their footing can do so safely from the head of the ramp behind the carriage house.

Please stay on the designated pathways for everyone's enjoyment and safety. The passageway to the basement door is a dirt path and good balance is required to negotiate it. Children must remain with their parents at all times or they will be asked to remain outside the construction gates. 

Fr. Manning will lead the opening prayer from the old church in the place where the sanctuary and altar will be located when renovation is complete. We will chant the Litany of the Saints, bless and incense the wall of the basement which will join new to old and ajourn after singing a song of praise. We've connected a spectacular sound system for the organ accompaniment, our Children's Choir will help us raise our voices in praise to the Lord and it will be a joy indeed to celebrate a festive occasion again with our parish family. We'll hope God provides a glorious canopy of blue sky, sun and dramatic clouds for a fitting church roof!

For those not attending the 10:30 mass, it would be prudent to begin gathering by 11:15 AM.

Keep praying and see you tomorrow!