Sunday Morning's Church Foundation Blessing 11:15 AM
You Tube Video of Holy Cross Foundation Blessing

Bless the Foundation of Our Church O Lord And Keep Us Firm in Faith

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the blessing of our church foundations so joyful and proceed so smoothly. Don Carolina, our Music Director, and the Children's Choir, our ushers, sacristan and especially all those who came to lend their voices in prayer and song.

Sprinkles of rain had dampened the sand, but not the spirits of those who braved the descent into the church basement. The sun shone more brightly as the day went on. Our voices asking the prayers of the saints rose easily from the basement, we trust all the way to their ears and God's. 


The pillars of the faithful unite old and new.

Parishioners invoke the Litany of the Saints

The First Choir To Sing in the New Church

And Then All Was Quiet.