Parish 2012-2013 Financial Statement Available
Concrete Pouring Weather

Some Gold, Some Glass and An Ambo

  • We have received a quote and begun working with a studio that will guild the cross atop our steeple. The work will not take long, but will have to wait until equipment is available that will enable workmen to reach the top and remove the cross.
  • The concrete floor will not be poured until Monday due to potentially rainy weather. The blessing is on as scheduled, we'll just have to exercise caution when walking around on the grating. Some people may elect to watch from ground level; no high heels or spikes will be permitted in the basement because they will perforate the plastic moisture barrier.
  • The ambo (pulpit) has been removed from the former St. Francis Church in Philadelphia and will be placed in storage on site. It will be fun to get an up close look at it again.
The base and body of the pulpit. The stairs (removed for transportation) were located to the side and will be moved to the back of the pulpit.

Carvings on the front of the ambo.
  • The patterned side aisle windows from Holy Cross were delivered to Beyer Studio who will fabricate hangings of various sizes from them. We hope to have a sample soon and have them on sale in time for Christmas giving.

Exciting times!