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The New Church Rises Slowly from Its Foundation

Bless the Church Foundation and Basement: Sunday November 3rd after the 10:30 AM Mass

Sunday November 3rd after the 10:30 AM Mass (N.B. This is a change in the time!)

Construction_manufacture_196835Join us to bless the foundation of the new church immediately following the 10:30 AM mass on Sunday, November 3rd. The construction schedule calls for the basement floor to have been poured by that time, but even in the case of delay, we will gather at the construction site to thank God for the progress so far, and to ask God’s continued blessing on the project as we approach the fall and winter months.

The ceremony will be simple – no speeches. (11:15 AM - 11:45 AM).  We’ll sing a Litany to the Saints and have holy water and incense. In case of inclement weather, we will postpone the ceremony one week to November 10th