Interior Column Footings Poured
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A Few Updates

Power has been restored to the Carriage House and the front of the rectory. The result is that there will be more light on the construction site during hours of darkness.

We are powerwashing, priming and painting the south wall of the Carriage House which will serve as the backdrop for our Christmas Manger display this year. It won't be quite as visible from the street in this temporary location, but the rectory lawn is too far removed from any pedestrian traffic now, and a spot in front of the brick wall on Ward Avenue would not be as secure. Some of the construction fence will be relocated to accomodate the manger and its inhabitants.

Beyer Studio has started restoration work on the three main original windows from Holy Cross Church - The Discovery of the Holy Cross, St. Alphosus and St. Anthony. Joe Beyer will submit a schematic diagram of the second rose window, The Virgin Mary Surrounded by the 12 apostles and 4 evangelists. This window will be available for memorial donation.