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Top Ten Saint Statue Vote Getters


Here is a recent tabulation of the Top Ten vote getters on our saint statue poll.  Interestingly, most of the saints suggested already have or will have a representation in iconography on our campus. Several have beautiful stained glass windows, St. Anthony already has a window and a statue. 

Except for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary who already both have new statues and windows, we will probably not duplicate a statue for any saint who will have a window in the church (unless of course, donor generosity provides for it). However, this ongoing poll will help coordinate our fund raising efforts and guide the choice of statues who will likely be popular.

The survey is still available on the parish webpage.

St. Francis of Assisi
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Patrick
St. James
St. John
St. Jude
St. Thomas
St. Michael
St. Therese of Liseux
St. Augustine