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September 2013

New Memorial Opportunities

We’ve added a couple of items to our Church “wish list” that offer memorial donation opportunities.


Restoration of Ward Avenue Windows

The original stained glass windows on Ward Avenue are in sad shape, especially the choir loft windows under the rondele and the rondele itself. Restoration of the original windows on Ward Avenue would be a fitting gesture to return these windows, which will stay in place, to their original beauty.


Hard-cover Hymnals for New Church

Our music director and parish staff have tentatively decided to use permanent hymnals with the readings included when we move into our new church home. They don’t come cheaply, but should last for several years or more. They are more worthy than the disposable missalettes we have been using and wasting by their quarterly replacement.



First Mass Attendance of the Week Award - Congratulations to 1B and 8B


Miss Enna's 1B Class and the Holy Cross Mass Attendance Award

Congratulations to 1B, Miss Enna, 8B, Mrs. Tomaino on the best mass attendance for this past weekend. Thank you to their parents for ensuring that our students are able to express their faith by worshipping with us on Sunday, a great blessing but also an important responsibility.

Mass Attendance


It looks like a lot of dirt!

DirtWe are getting some inquiries about extra dirt from the church construction project.

A good portion of the dirt you see will be used to backfill the excavation against the walls of the basement once they are poured, dried and strong enough. The backfilling may even be deferred until after the floor of the church is installed. The contractor has made an estimate of the amount of dirt we will require and has allowed a release of some "extra."

We believe the full amount is already spoken for, but would be willing to start a list of those who would like some. The dirt must be removed under the supervision of the site manager and hauled away without help from our construction crew or their dump trucks.  

Call the Parish Office if you would like to place your name on our "dirt list."

Church Project Update

  •   Beginning this week for several weeks, the foundation, the basement walls and the footings will be poured for the church. Meantime the existing church has been buttressed for protection.
  •   We will schedule a blessing of the foundations when they are complete, probably after one of the Sunday masses. Watch the bulletin or the blog for details.
  •   A good portion of the dirt you see in mounds will be used for back-fill once the foundation has set and the remainder will be removed. The contractors are anxious to free up space for construction equipment and contractors vehicles.
  •   Additional subcontracts will be awarded in the coming weeks to those contractors who need to work closely with the site manager as the steel structure begins to rise from the ground and the walls are enclosed.
  •   A storage trailer will be placed on site to hold liturgical items and other items that will eventually be installed in the church.
  •  Three antique marble statues have been purchased and will be shipped for cleaning and restoration. Once this is complete, they will be delivered to us.
  •   The stained glass windows we purchased from Philadelphia are in the stained glass studio for cleaning, along with St. Alphonsus, St. Anthony and The Holy Cross Window from Holy Cross Church.
  •  Webcam links will be uploaded to allow viewing of the construction site, and the stained glass restoration workshop when Holy Cross’ windows are being refurbished.


The Pit
The Footprint of the Cross

Top Ten Saint Statue Vote Getters


Here is a recent tabulation of the Top Ten vote getters on our saint statue poll.  Interestingly, most of the saints suggested already have or will have a representation in iconography on our campus. Several have beautiful stained glass windows, St. Anthony already has a window and a statue. 

Except for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary who already both have new statues and windows, we will probably not duplicate a statue for any saint who will have a window in the church (unless of course, donor generosity provides for it). However, this ongoing poll will help coordinate our fund raising efforts and guide the choice of statues who will likely be popular.

The survey is still available on the parish webpage.

St. Francis of Assisi
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Patrick
St. James
St. John
St. Jude
St. Thomas
St. Michael
St. Therese of Liseux
St. Augustine

Mass to Begin the Academic Year, Friday 9/13

EuchJoin us tomorrow morning at 9 AM in the gymatorium as the students of Holy Cross School gather to worship at a Mass to ask God's blessing as we begin the new academic year.


The year has gotten off to a great start. Everyone seems excited to be back and even with an unexpected fire alarm today caused by cleaning of the smoke detectors, the students were extremely well behaved and the teachers acted with professional demeanor.

Church Project Update

Some exciting news from the construction trailer!

Bricks_05Work on the foundation footings and church basement will begin in earnest next week. Many more workmen will arrive on site for a few weeks. We hope that their cars can be accomodated on the site and on the front lawn of the rectory. Since our dirt will be retained until it can be used to backfill the foundations and the basement in a few weeks, there is a premium on cleared space on the site. Please be patient if the workmen need to park on Ward Avenue, though this space will be used as a last resort.

So far we have been very lucky that there has been little turbulent weather. Expect to see the church secured with tarp and the front doors either removed or fixed open in the event of high winds or extreme weather.

An additional job site trailer will arrive to temporarily store the liturgical goods we are acquiring for the new church. It will be located alongside the construction trailer.

A tentative completion date has been estimated as November 1, 2014. Much will depend on "getting out of the ground," i.e. foundation, footings and finally steel rising with a hope to enclose the structure before the rigors of winter. 


Follow Morning Mass on Streaming Webcam

IpeopleatworkpriestJust a reminder to school parents that our morning masses are streamed live on webcam. The school will notify the parents in each class when their child is scheduled to attend mass and we invite you to tune in to pray along, but also listen to the homily which might serve as a topic of conversation later in the day.

Holy Cross Chapel Webcam

First Job Site Conference Tomorrow AM

Dcz_3d_man_business_meetingTomorrow morning, the construction manager, our architects and the subcontractor responsible for laying our foundations and footings will meet in the construction trailer to coordinate their efforts and discuss any remaining issues as they begin work.

As you may know, now that the full condition of the church building and its original foundations are more easily inspected, the plan as to how to join the old and the new construction has needed revision. These revisions and points of clarification will be on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting. 

Grant Us Peace

2260494905_1673413c07Thank you to all who prayed with us for peace after the 12 noon mass. The service was prayerful and reverent. It was, I think, the first time the Blessed Sacrament has been exposed for veneration in our gymatorium. We still, of course, cannot use incense anywhere on the campus since both the chapel and the gym are wired with smoke detectors which immediately object to such things as burning incense. 

It was good for us to unite our minds and hearts in worldwide prayer for peace in Syria, the Middle East and the world. 

Let us persist in prayer for the security of the world and the dignity of all God's peoples.


Join Us Sunday at 12:45 PM to Pray for Peace

When: immediately following the 12 noon mass, but no earlier than 12:45 PM

                                                12:45 - 1:15 PM (approximately)

What: prayer service of petition, litany, song and silent reflection

Why: in solidarity with Pope Francis' request for worldwide prayer and fasting  for peace Sept 7th

Pope Petitions Day of Fasting and Prayer for Peace

Dove_with_oliveAs you know, Pope Francis has asked for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace, especially in Syria and the Middle East on Saturday, September 7th. 

Please fast and pray privately on this day of solidarity with our brothers and sisters all around the globe for the blessing of peace and amity among all earth's citizens.

On Sunday, though we cannot enjoin fasting on the day which celebrates the Lord's resurrection, please join us in a communal celebration of prayer for peace immediately following the 12 noon mass. (Those not attending the 12 noon mass can plan on arriving at approximately 12:45 PM) The USCCB and the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Trenton have kindly provided resources for the prayer service, which will consist of a prayer service and brief period of silent reflection before the Blessed Sacrament. 


 Join us on Sunday, September 8th at 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM for a prayer service

and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament.

Allow Extra Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow promises to be a pretty busy day, not only for everyone's schedule, but for the traffic patterns at Holy Cross. 

Along with the first day school excitement drop off, pick ups and bus lines, the construction site will also be busy. First, a fence company is coming to replace the wooden fence around the rectory deck; we have been waiting for this since Spring and the appointments were cancelled or postponed several times, including yesterday. They should not interfere with the arrival or dismissal traffic. Second, after a short hiatus in the work schedule, dumpsters will once again be arriving and leaving during the day for time sensitive work. It is possible the dumpsters will interfere with traffic on Ward Avenue or with the traffic flow in the parking lot alongside the carriage house.

Most of the construction delivery and removals have been since school closed, so this will be the first test of everyone's patience and courtesy. Please follow the instructions of faculty or staff in the parking lot for everyone's safety. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Food For Thought: The Triads of Ireland from the 9th Century

Three rude ones of the world: a youngster mocking an old man, a robust person mocking an invalid, a wise man mocking a fool.

Three ruins of a tribe: a lying chief, a false judge, a lustful priest.

Three signs of ill breeding: a long visit, staring, constant questioning.

Three signs of a bad man: bitterness, hatred, cowardice.

Three candles which illumine every darkness: truth, nature, knowledge.