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Mass to Begin the Academic Year, Friday 9/13

Church Project Update

Some exciting news from the construction trailer!

Bricks_05Work on the foundation footings and church basement will begin in earnest next week. Many more workmen will arrive on site for a few weeks. We hope that their cars can be accomodated on the site and on the front lawn of the rectory. Since our dirt will be retained until it can be used to backfill the foundations and the basement in a few weeks, there is a premium on cleared space on the site. Please be patient if the workmen need to park on Ward Avenue, though this space will be used as a last resort.

So far we have been very lucky that there has been little turbulent weather. Expect to see the church secured with tarp and the front doors either removed or fixed open in the event of high winds or extreme weather.

An additional job site trailer will arrive to temporarily store the liturgical goods we are acquiring for the new church. It will be located alongside the construction trailer.

A tentative completion date has been estimated as November 1, 2014. Much will depend on "getting out of the ground," i.e. foundation, footings and finally steel rising with a hope to enclose the structure before the rigors of winter.