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It looks like a lot of dirt!

Church Project Update

  •   Beginning this week for several weeks, the foundation, the basement walls and the footings will be poured for the church. Meantime the existing church has been buttressed for protection.
  •   We will schedule a blessing of the foundations when they are complete, probably after one of the Sunday masses. Watch the bulletin or the blog for details.
  •   A good portion of the dirt you see in mounds will be used for back-fill once the foundation has set and the remainder will be removed. The contractors are anxious to free up space for construction equipment and contractors vehicles.
  •   Additional subcontracts will be awarded in the coming weeks to those contractors who need to work closely with the site manager as the steel structure begins to rise from the ground and the walls are enclosed.
  •   A storage trailer will be placed on site to hold liturgical items and other items that will eventually be installed in the church.
  •  Three antique marble statues have been purchased and will be shipped for cleaning and restoration. Once this is complete, they will be delivered to us.
  •   The stained glass windows we purchased from Philadelphia are in the stained glass studio for cleaning, along with St. Alphonsus, St. Anthony and The Holy Cross Window from Holy Cross Church.
  •  Webcam links will be uploaded to allow viewing of the construction site, and the stained glass restoration workshop when Holy Cross’ windows are being refurbished.


The Pit
The Footprint of the Cross