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Welcome Back To School at Holy Cross

Allow Extra Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow promises to be a pretty busy day, not only for everyone's schedule, but for the traffic patterns at Holy Cross. 

Along with the first day school excitement drop off, pick ups and bus lines, the construction site will also be busy. First, a fence company is coming to replace the wooden fence around the rectory deck; we have been waiting for this since Spring and the appointments were cancelled or postponed several times, including yesterday. They should not interfere with the arrival or dismissal traffic. Second, after a short hiatus in the work schedule, dumpsters will once again be arriving and leaving during the day for time sensitive work. It is possible the dumpsters will interfere with traffic on Ward Avenue or with the traffic flow in the parking lot alongside the carriage house.

Most of the construction delivery and removals have been since school closed, so this will be the first test of everyone's patience and courtesy. Please follow the instructions of faculty or staff in the parking lot for everyone's safety. Thanks for your cooperation.