Holy Cross Award to 4A for Mass Attendance this Week
What Glorious Weather for the Church Project

A Little Less Dirt and a Little More Progress

Today the construction manager was able to release some of the fill we've had piled up on the site for a while. It's all a guesstimate, measured pragmatically by dump truck loads full. We're trying to save what we need and make room by getting rid of what we don't.


Meantime, we await the arrival of a trailer in which to store, among other things, our ambo from St. Francis Church. Sadly St. Francis has been vandalized twice in one weekend and the safety of items left there cannot be assured. As soon as we have a space large enough to store it, we will be moving the ambo out. Happily, our windows were removed long ago.

We are packing up the aisle windows from the old church for delivery to Beyer Studios which happens to be right around the corner from St. Francis Church. We have asked Joe Beyer to work on making one or two keepsakes from the old glass to assess the enthusiasm of parishioners or others for pieces of the decorative glass from the old church windows. If there is sufficient interest and funds can be raised for the church, we will proceed with converting more or most of the glass. 

Panes of Glass from the old aisle windows.

Meantime the forms for the basement walls near readiness for the concrete, perhaps sometime later this week.