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August 2013

Information Station on the New Church Project

Sign_faq_gold_05325There is a plastic leaflet container with some brochures and information about the church project on the outside of the construction fence along Ward Avenue. As the piles of earth get higher it seems passerbys on Ward Avenue become more and more interested in what is going on. A QR code will be affixed to the container so that cell phones and other personal media devices are referred to the Parish Webpage and Construction blog.

Once again we ask your cooperation in remaining outside the perimeter of the construction fences for your safety and the security of the equipment and materials on the site.



Holy Rood

As you may know, "Rood" is a synonym for "Cross" about which we have blogged before. 

Here is the architect's drawing of the concept for Holy Cross Church and two of the statues we have been able to acquire, St. John the Evangelist and Mary (Stabat Mater) which will compose the standing figures in our church.

The statues are likely of German origin, finely carved and of hard wood (Black Forest?). 

2013-08-05 one rood
The Holy Rood
Stabat Mater

St John the Evangelist

St. John and Mary

Whoops! Power Outage at School and Parish Center

Workmen hit the electrical supply line to the school and parish center today while digging up the parking lot behind the carriage house for storm drains.

The power line had not been marked as requested although other lines had been properly designated.

The power is shut while the utility company assesses and repairs the damage.

 Email and phone service should be restored before too long; we'll let you know as soon as we have an estimate for repairs.


This Week In Construction

Construction_manhole_130129The surveyors have planted small blue flags at each point for a storm drainage basin to be interconnected by pipes. The goal is to complete this work by week's end.

Now that the church beams are fully exposed and exact measurements have been taken, our architects are working on the specific articulation between the new and old construction.

Two of our three newly acquired marble statues have been sent for cosmetic repairs. The Sacred Heart Statue is available for pick-up in Nutley depending on staffing at the showroom - it's not light weight!


Old and New

Annotation on the 2009 Plans showing the original part of the church and portion to be new construction. The siding will be a more natural color than shown in this color rendition.
The blue and yellow areas are original structure.

A more complete set of the drawings can be seen by clicking on the Design Plans in the menu bar in column right of the blog.


Surveyors Serious Now

The most recent time the church property was surveyed for the project was to mark out the perimeters of the new church building itself in preparation for our ground breaking ceremony.

The survey team is back again, this time to measure in preparation for digging the project and laying the foundations. 

To everyone's relief, the gas company finally arrived to turn off the main gas valve and remove the church's gas meter.



Ecclesiastical Shopping Expedition Brings Home the Holy Family

An ecclesiastical shopping expedition we took today was quite worthwhile.

Here are three statues of Jesus ( Sacred Heart), Mary (The Immaculate Conception) and St. Joseph who can find homes in Holy Cross.

They are a matching set and stand 55 inches high, are intricately carved of Italian marble and are of venerable age (not sure how old yet...but you know we'll get the history!). 

St. Joseph is already spoken for. The Sacred Heart and Mary are both available for memorials. It is anticipated Jesus and Mary will adorn the sanctuary. The Sacred Heart may find room in a shrine, a niche on the church, a place in the garden, or the gathering space. Please call the Parish Office for inquiry on memorial donations.

Cropped Sacred Heart
The Sacred Heart

St Joseph
St. Joseph

The Immaculate Conception

Embroidery on Mary's garments
Mary and The Serpent at Her Feet