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Food for Thought: Goodbyes

…Just this is the mystery. That all the important moments, and probably the source of all moments, there is something that is illogical, paradoxical, and sort of impossible. Male and female. Good and bad. Loved and hated. Sought and shunned. Alive and dead. A time for loving and a time for hating…

School_father_96052When we said goodbye at the airport – the parents and the children – happiness and sadness were both there and probably some simultaneous. Don’t leave me and good riddance. But because the logic of this world demands that whenever experience offers two sides, only one of them can be good…the other must be named “bad” and removed from awareness.

But every now and then the paradox sparkles from within, and we are mystified and a little frightened and we pause. To live is to arbitrarily choose one, but ever be bothered by the other.

 Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Honey From the Rock.