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Facebook a Health Hazard?

I was persuaded to open a Facebook account for parish use during Superstorm Sandy to keep in touch with social outreach efforts in our community and get the news out that Holy Cross parish was open for masses as usual.

I learned quickly that any messages are quickly scrolled off the screen by large volumes of sometimes accurate information, but also well wishes, chatter and any manner of conversation, including erroneous rumor. When the acute crisis ended, I pretty much stopped using Facebook.

When their data collection techniques became obtrusive to me, and remembering how much trouble certain Facebook accounts had caused among our school students and to myself, I closed my Facebook account (or at least tried to).

Along comes Dr. Keith Ablow of Foxnews with this article

Facebook has been linked, in numerous clinical trials both here and around the world, to feelings of intense envy, dissatisfaction with life, insomnia, major depression, disrupted friendships and feelings of isolation -- especially in young people.

Facebook may well be addictive, as well—just like tobacco. 

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