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A Homegrown New Jersey Tomato - Nothing Quite Like It !


New Jersey Tomato
A Tomato Parable
Finally! For a few years, I've been trying to grow tomatoes with varying degrees of success. In Howell, I had abundant tomatoes and flourishing basil, but also bunnies, groundhogs and deer, so I wasn't the one who got to enjoy most of the harvest!


My tomato plants in Rumson have not fared well from year to year despite following all kinds of recommendations and tips for preventing diseases which they seem quite susceptible to. Buy the right kind, water more, water less, water've heard all the well meaning advice. Every fall I decide they were too much trouble and too disappointing, only to be lured into trying again by all the tomato seedlings at the garden center and the beautiful pictures in catalogs. Add to that the tasteless condition of most of them available in the supermarket alongside the memories of what real tomatoes taste like and I guess it's no surprise that I'm suckered in every Spring.

This year for the first time it looks like I will have quite a few beefsteak (actually they are Mortgage Liters)  tomatoes worthy of the name! My first one was so delicious, juicy, sweet and red that I had to share a picture. And I was so excited when I cut into it that I didn't go outside to cut any basil, just good, fresh extra-virgin olive oil and a dash of salt.  Mmm.

More on the vine, but they're not yet quite ripe and I've learned the hard way to not count my tomatoes until they are cut up and in a salad!