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The Classic Facade of Holy Cross Church (Almost)

Some might be surprised to learn that the original clapboard and shingling of Holy Cross Church was a natural wood. This morning a workman stripped off the siding to disclose the original front and a number of hints that the front of the church was originally more elaborate than the white shingling have been accustomed to.

On the top peak of the church, there are signs that a projection of molding with dentate ornamentation was in place for many years surmounted by a small, round architectural design. 

Attachments of the old porch on the front of the church can also be seen, with the pilasters alongside the entryway doors.

It is unclear at this point how much reconstruction and/or repair the steeple itself will require, which is one of the reasons for stripping off the siding and exposing the structure of the steeple underneath.