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Parish Offices Summertime Hours

220px-Sol_de_Mayo_1928.svgDuring the summer months, many of the immediate needs of the parish diminish as parishioners vacation and the parish staff transitions to a planning mode. There are calendar meetings to coordinate events between parish and school, schedule the use of the gymatorium, etc. The Religious education curriculum is planned, registration is begun and class assignments are made to have all in readiness in September. 

The following office schedule will be in effect during the summer months:


Monday – Thursday

Parish offices

9 AM – 4 PM


Front desk for mass cards, sacramental certificates, etc.

9 AM - Noon


Parish offices

9 AM – Noon


Front desk

9 AM – Noon

Saturday / Sunday


Offices closed except for private appointments

 The parish secretary will answer the phone during "front desk" business hours. At other times during office hours, the parish staff will assume telephone answering responsibility, since the parish secretary will be helping in the Office of Religious Education.

Parish staff voice mails and emails are available after hours, as is an emergency contact number for anointing of the sick.

Parishioners are encouraged to arrange visits to the parish office for mass cards, sacramental certificates, etc. in the morning hours when the front desk will be staffed.

We can always modify this schedule to address unforeseen circumstances, but this is an attempt to preserve the availability of the pastor and parish staff while controlling costs. Hopefully, we have struck a good balance.