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Picture Perfect Weather for Memorial Day Parade in Rumson

Our interesting weather finally took a turn for the better. We were graced with a beautifully sunny, cool day for the Rumson Memorial Day Parade. It was good to see so many parishioners along the line of march, and to hear Mike Feerst rouse people to cheer. Thanks to the many parishioners who marched with Holy Cross and so many others who filled the parade ranks by supporting their teams or school. 


IMG_0696 IMG_0714 IMG_0735As we remember the heroic sacrifice of so many who died to ensure our freedom, let us encourage our hope in the Lord's resurrection to believe that they live on, not simply in our remembrance and memorials, but in eternal life, where we pray they enjoy eternal peace with God.

Let us pray today for peace and the willingness to achieve it. One day, may the Prince of Peace put an end to strife and war.

Let us pray for those wounded by cruelty of war - those physically injured, and those who have been mentally or spiritually wounded by what they have seen or done.


 P.S. Wouldn't you know there were three red poppies blooming in the garden this morning. So I cut one for Eugenia, one for Susan and popped one in my hardhat. The tradition about poppies on Memorial Day goes back to WWI and the poem In Flander Fields and makes interesting reading.