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Christians Persecuted Worldwide

Persecution of Christians is increasing all around the world noted Catholic Archbishop Silvano Maria Tomassi during an interview on Vatican Radio.

The bishops of the United States have asked all Catholic parishes to participate in the Fortnight for Freedom, a prayer and petition crusade to protect religious liberties, especially here in the United States.

Holy Cross Parish will again participate in the petition signing and will have petitions available at all our masses. More details to follow.


Picture Perfect Weather for Memorial Day Parade in Rumson

Our interesting weather finally took a turn for the better. We were graced with a beautifully sunny, cool day for the Rumson Memorial Day Parade. It was good to see so many parishioners along the line of march, and to hear Mike Feerst rouse people to cheer. Thanks to the many parishioners who marched with Holy Cross and so many others who filled the parade ranks by supporting their teams or school. 


IMG_0696 IMG_0714 IMG_0735As we remember the heroic sacrifice of so many who died to ensure our freedom, let us encourage our hope in the Lord's resurrection to believe that they live on, not simply in our remembrance and memorials, but in eternal life, where we pray they enjoy eternal peace with God.

Let us pray today for peace and the willingness to achieve it. One day, may the Prince of Peace put an end to strife and war.

Let us pray for those wounded by cruelty of war - those physically injured, and those who have been mentally or spiritually wounded by what they have seen or done.


 P.S. Wouldn't you know there were three red poppies blooming in the garden this morning. So I cut one for Eugenia, one for Susan and popped one in my hardhat. The tradition about poppies on Memorial Day goes back to WWI and the poem In Flander Fields and makes interesting reading.


Summer Mass Schedule

Beach_and_seaThe summer mass schedule seemed to work out pretty well this weekend.  The swing to earlier masses during the summer was in evidence at the 8 AM and even the "new" 9 AM was fairly well attended for its first time. 

Sorry for the small procession of people looking for the cancelled 12 noon mass - it's always difficult to get the word out. Please help spread the news that we have adopted our summer mass schedule a bit earlier this year.

Keep coming!

Saturday Vigil Mass        5 PM

Sunday Masses                    8 AM, 9 AM, 10:30 AM, 7 PM (Latin)

Remember: Changes to Holy Cross Mass Schedule Beginning Memorial Day Weekend

Please remember summer schedule begins this weekend:

Daily Weekday and Saturdary AM Masses at 9:00 AM in Chapel

Saturday     5 PM Vigil Mass in gymatorium

Sunday        8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM in gymatorium

                                  7:00 PM Latin Mass in Chapel 

                           The 12 noon mass is discontinued for the summer.

Ministry Training for New Readers, Extraodinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers


Pentecost Sunday has been a traditional time at Holy Cross for encouraging parish volunteerism of all kinds. If you missed the sign-up sheets this weekend, please call the Parish Office for more information.

Before summer begins and vacation season is upon us, the orientation sessions for our new volunteers will be scheduled. There will be training sessions for Readers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Altar Servers and ushers.

Our Religious Education program is also in need of adult catechists. It is crucial that our children are not only taught the deposit of faith, but are taught by parishioners who live their faith. Please consider passing on the faith in this vital ministry. All kinds of support and assistance is available for those who have never taught before.

We ask adult volunteers to choose one liturgical ministry in which to serve, i.e. a Reader or Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. High school students may serve as either Readers or Altar Servers. 

We encourage boys who are already Altar Servers and those who are not, to consider learning the Latin Mass. Our Sunday evening Latin Mass will continue over the summer.

Our web-based ministry scheduler has been updated with new features which make it even easier for volunteers to re-arrange their schedule preferences, list vacation times or other weeks when they will not be available, obtain substitutes, even check and download the readings. We intend of taking full advantage of its capabilities for the convenience of our volunteers.

Thank you to everyone for serving the Lord through serving His people.


Transplanted Garden Around Holy Cross School

Thanks to Francisco for relocating many of our bulbs, perennials and shrubs from around the church and campus to the front of Holy Cross School on Rumson. It looks quite beautiful. Most of the plants are several years old, so the plantings also look mature.

Additional transplants have been placed just about everywhere: along the West side of the school and surrounding the chapel.

The terrible condition of the roof gutters prevented many plantings there, since the sheets of water cascading onto the ground destroyed plants and washed away mulch. Now that the gutters have been repaired and we don't anticipate any scaffolds along the front of the school anytime soon, we can plant the stretch along Rumson Road properly.

Fr. Manning is taking care of the microdrip irrigation for the garden, as there are no sprinklers on the South side of the campus. 

All in all, minimal cost, maximal beauty! Hopefully everything will take root and bloom for many years.

Lets pray for a summer of temperate weather, not only for our gardens, but for ourselves!


Construction Fence To Be Erected on Friday

553We were informed today that the construction manager intends to erect the construction fence on Friday morning. 

Of the two driveways into the church property from Ward Avenue, only the south driveway will remain open. The north driveway will be closed, along with the parking spaces behind the Carriage House. 

See the earlier post with the boundaries of the fence for more details. 

Next Thursday is the final budget meeting between architect, construction manager and parish staff. 


Blessings On Our First Communicants and Families

May the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist bring life and strength to our First Holy Communicants who received Eucharist this Saturday in our gymatorium which was beautifully decorated, and overflowing with people.

We thank their parents, teachers, grandparents and the parish staff for praying with our new communicants and especially Sallie Kabash and Barbara Mattone for their diligent attentiveness to their sacramental preparation and the beauty of the liturgy.

It was wonderful to celebrate mass this morning with a class of our second graders, all of whom may now receive Eucharist. Their excitement is our excitement.


Tentative Construction Site Plan

Here is a tentative construction site plan for the Holy Cross campus. It will allow unimpeded access to the parking lot, school and most of the parish field.  As you can see, parking behind the carriage house will be eliminated.

As you know, modifications need to be made to the playground equipment: the play station for the younger children moves from the east side of the older children's playstation to the west side of the older children's playstation. We anticipate that the full playground will remain unfenced until the end of the school year and we're exploring the possibility of completing the renovation of the playground over the summer months. 


CT on SW corner is Construction Trailer. The dotted lines to the north of the construction fence is rectory parking, since the rectory driveway will be closed and there will be no vehicular access to the garage from the street.


Memorial for "A Time to Build" Campaign

We are beginning to organize the initial concept drawings for the memorial to donors in the renovated Church. The design for "Lift High the Cross" in the gymatorium was well received and now that it is completed will be durable, worthy and beautiful for many years to come. A similar design for the church would certainly be beautiful. 

As the design unfolds, we will use the names of donors to the original campaign to "Lift High" to help populate the design and solicit comments.

Thank you, as always, to the faithful contributors to the church restoration project.