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Where Have You Gone Anthony and Alphonse?

The pipe organ and three of our stained glass windows were successfully removed over the past two days. 

It was amazing to see how meticulous and detailed the dissembly of the pipe organ was -the intricate craftsmanship of the keyboard mechanism and series of levers, the tracker, and the very many assorted sizes of pipes, only a small portion of which were visible from the choir loft.

By the same token, the removal of the windows though carefully done, was a relatively crude process - hammers and scraping. A few panes of the protective glass were broken in the removal of the stained glass, requiring plywood paneling to shield the interior of the church from the elements. Most of the stained glass made it out of the church safely except for mimimal damage which can easily be repaired during the cleaning process.

St. Alphonsus Window. The stained glass is removed. A plywood panel covers the broken exterior glass.

Stained Glass Sandwich
A Stained Glass Sandwich To Go
Stained Glass
Two of the Panels Removed From the Church
















The Choir Loft Windows
Facing Rumson Road From the Choir Loft. These are the lancet windows visible from Ward Avenue
















View of the Sanctuary From the Choir Loft. The natural light reveals an amazing amount of cracking and dirt on the ceiling.