Construction Project Update
Pastors and Parochial Vicars Transferred

Old Windows Gone and Stored

All the extraction of stained glass from the church has been accomplished. The remaining stained glass windows are staying in situ in the renovated church. The boards you see on some of the windows replace the protective layer of glass which was broken in the process of removing the stencilled glass. 

The windows, as expected, have seriously deteriorated over more than 100 years. The lead caming  which stabilizes the fragments of colored glass oxidizes and weakens with age. The resulting lead oxide dust can become airborne when the window is removed and is toxic if inhaled in sufficient quantity. You may have noticed the workmen wearing protective clothings and respirators.

Meantime, final adjustments have been made to the site plan which will be submitted to the Borough. Architect and construction manager continue to meet with sub contractors to refine the scope of work and reduce the construction costs so that a final construction cost can be determined.