Stained Glass Lecture Wednesday, March 20th
Join Our Palm Sunday Procession From Seabright to Rumson

Beyer's Informative and Beautiful Presentation


St. Kieran Window
Joe Beyer gave an informative and beautiful presentation on the
Joe Beyer (at left)  Displays Print of St. Kieran Window to Holy Cross Parishioners
art of stained glass window making with a spotlight on D'Ascenszo Studios and Edwin Sharkey, the company and designer of our newly acquired windows.


The surprise of the evening was a full sized, color print of our St. Kieran window, who even in his slightly pixellated state look magnificent. I think we'll have St. Kieran make an appearance at all our masses on the weekend of our groundbreaking, April 14th. Face









The window shows Kieran holding his crozier as founder of the Monastery at  Clonmacnoise. The monastery itself is pictured at his feet in the background along the shores of the River Shannon. A hair shirt protrudes ever so slightly from underneath his fine garments.