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Trenton Diocesan Seminarian Visits Holy Cross School Today

Sedes Sapientiae, Mary the "Seat of Wisdom" in the chapel gathering space at St. Mary's Seminary
Today we will be welcoming Seminarian Nicolas Petrillo to Holy Cross Parish and School. Seminarian Petrillo is studying for the priesthood for our Diocese and is attending my alma mater St. Mary's Seminary and University in Baltimore (woo hoo!).

He will visit several classes in our school to explain just what exactly a seminarian does (I'm waiting to hear that too!) and answer any questions they may have about priesthood.


I can predict two of them: 1) Can priests be married or why not? 2) Can women be priests and why not? I am sure there will be many others...I encouraged the second graders to ask hard questions!

Pray for Nicholas and all our seminarians that they be fortified by the Holy Spirit and encouraged by family, friends and the faithful of the Diocese of Trenton to follow the path to priesthood if God calls them there with courage, persistence and prayer.