Full Set of Holy Cross Stained Glass Windows from St. Francis Church
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St Patrick Stained Glass Window
St. Patrick Window
Joe Beyer of Beyer Studio in Philadelphia visited Holy Cross today to inspect our church windows in preparation for their removal and the  cleaning and reinstallation of the St. Helena, St. Alphonsus and St. Anthony windows.


It was a pleasure to listen to his expert opinion about the glass and listen to him "read" the story told by the original glass and its repair(s). Our original windows date from around the very beginning of stained glass in America. The most valuable windows seem to be in very good condition, especially given their age. Joe described the process by which the glass in the side windows was made using rolled glass stenciled with patterns in silver nitrate, then kiln fired. Interestingly the repairs to the glass, which he showed us how to spot, had to be painted by hand.

Though I could have listened to him for hours, I left him alone to inspect and measure our windows so that he can develop a timetable for their safe removal, inspection and cleaning.

Joe suggested that the glass from the side windows can be cut into sizes useful for the home and auctioned or sold as fund raisers for the project. Several parishes have met with great success in these sales.

Meantime, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has given the go ahead for the removal of the stained glass from St. Francis Church to our possession.