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Rose Window

Holy Cross Church Organ

Holy Cross hopes to acquire a new organ for our enlarged church. The costs of refurbishing and reinstalling our present organ are higher than a new digital organ and would still leave us with the rather limited capabilities of our existing ogan.



Many churches in the area have been quite happy with digital organs. The sound sampling technology has improved greatly in recent years and the flexibility and repetoire of a digital organ are important factors to consider as well. Digital vs. pipe organ is a touchy subject for many organists but prices for pipe organs have escalated to levels which place them out of reach for the average sized church and congregation. We recently visited three local Catholic Churches to hear our Music Director play their digital organs and we were both surprised and delighted at what we heard.

Our hope is to raise additional funds for an Allen Protege 3 manual, 50 stop digital organ. The installer will work closely with the construction manager and architect to achieve the best sound quality possible.