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January 2013

Daily Mass Moves to Holy Cross Chapel on Monday January 14th

Most of the liturgical appointments are in place and the restored chapel looks great - once again it will become  a place of prayer and Eucharistic sacrifice, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, baptisms and devotions. Additional modifications will need to be made, no doubt once we begin using the space.

Mass will be at 9 AM on weekdays and Saturday morning with confessions and devotions to follow on Saturday morning. Bishop O'Connell has encouraged us to add an additional time for confessions during Lent, which we will publicize as we get closer to that holy season.

The 9 AM mass will be cancelled on the mornings we have a Mass of Christian Burial. The mass intention, if any, for that mass will be moved to the nearest open 7 PM Sunday evening Latin Mass. Funerals will be celebrated at 9:30 AM in the gym and will be the sole morning mass. 


Church Construction Project Update 1/11/2013


Blessed New Year to Everyone!


Quick Updates regarding the Church renovation project

Final design drawings near completion. (80%) The architect reports they will be completed by the end of the month – one month ahead of schedule. We are then near the opening of competitive bidding to sub-contractors and arrival at a guaranteed maximal price. Our construction loan has been signed by bishop and pastor. We are still on track for an early Spring groundbreaking.

 The Baptismal font for the renovated church is to be delivered this week – “previously owned” shipping from Georgia. It is of green marble in Gothic design.

 We have a very favorable response from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia regarding the stained glass windows in St. Francis Church. Details of the memorials, photos of the glass and other information will be available shortly. 



Keep praying!

Fr Manning