Holy Cross Chapel
March for Life in Washington Today; First Eucharist Tomorrow at Holy Cross

First Holy Communion at Holy Cross Church Saturday, 1/26/2013

I've met with all the classes of First Communicants to get them excited about receiving communion and answer their questions. Getting them excited was unceccesary...they all seemed to look forward to the day with great anticipation!

Answering their questions is always a fun challenge. There were many questions about the taste of the bread and the wine. They had a hard time imagining that when I received Holy Communion, we could not touch the consecrated hosts nor drink the Precious Blood. We did practice receiving the hosts though, except a round piece of white paper substituted for the host. I wonder how Sister dealt with hundreds of spitballs - all I remember is having to get the paper host in the wastebasket somehow.

The taste and the smell will be of bread and wine, but Jesus will be truly present. I encouraged them to begin thinking about what prayers they will say to Jesus after communion.

How blessed we are to have so many children receiving Jesus for the very first time.