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December 2012

Holy Cross Church Pews Soon Available

Pews1Given the information we are gathering on costs of acquiring and refitting old pews, refurbishing our present pews or purchasing new pews, it looks like new pews make the most economic sense.

The seat bench on our present pews is three inches more shallow than standard. The pews are also closer together (like coach class airline seats) and as you all know only too well, are straight backed.

Upholstered seats and backs were not really under serious consideration. They are quite economical because the boards underneath the cushions are made of composite materials not hardwood. Unfortunately, they are far less durable than wooden pews, require cleaning and repair and absorb the sound of music and prayer.

Modern pew backs can be purchased in ergonomic design which look attractive and seem much more comfortable - at least for the few minutes we have sat in them.

As you may suspect, we do not have enough pews for the new configuration any way. Even with a remarkably favorable reponse about the used pews in which we have expressed interest, it looks like our present pews (from 1977) will be available shortly after the First Communion masses are celebrated in January.

The likely requested donation will be $100/pew to the Church Building Fund. If you are interested in one or more of either the full sized or smaller pews, be sure your name is on our list by calling Lori LaPlante or Eileen George in the parish office.


Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate


JudgeNews that the Federal appeals court in Washington DC has sided with Belmont Bishop Abbey which brought suit against regulations which would force the college to include all government-approved contraceptive services sought by plan participants, including sterilization, emergency oral contraception and counseling in any health care plan. It's supposed to be back to the drawing board for the regulations which must accomodate religious exemptions for institutions. Stay tuned.

Meantime, I came across an article written by Archibishop Chaput encouraging his brother bishops in the Spirit of Thomas More.

Having fought loudly and hard for religious liberty over the past year, in part because of the HHS mandate, America’s Catholic bishops cannot simply grumble and shrug, and go along with the mandate now, without implicating themselves in cowardice. Their current resolve risks unraveling unless they reaffirm their opposition to the mandate forcefully and as a united body.  The past can be a useful teacher. One of its lessons is this: The passage of time can invite confusion and doubt—and both work against courage.

The entire article is here. It's brief, concise, insightful and inspirational - typical Archbishop Chaput!


Christmas Mass Schedule


Be sure to check the Christmas mass schedules on the parish website or in the bulletin for the locations and times of the Christmas masses. The schedule is similar to last year's. This will be the last year for masses in Holy Cross Church as presently configured. 

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the Stations of the Creche and the refreshments in the gymatorium afterward. Even the fog and the rain could not dampen our longing for Jesus' coming.

Ten Chapel Windows

The Christmas Manger

Mary Queen of Heaven

Sacred Heart
The Sacred Heart

Christ the King
Christ the King

The Fish - Early Symbol for Christ

Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit

Bread of Life - Eucharistic Wheat

Barque of Peter
The Ship of Peter - The Church

Psalmist Harp

Lamp of Wisdom
As we spruce up the chapel, the stained glass windows get ready to receive renewed attention. Here are the symbols contained in the windows.

Church Construction Project Update 12/13/2012


Holy Cross Church
New Transept with Altar View

Our architect James McCrery, and our construction manager, Scozzari Builders met with the pastor on Wednesday to fine tune the construction project conceptual budget. Further progress was made on scaling the project to our budget as increasingly accurate estimates of construction costs are developed and modifications are made to the plans. Highlights of this particular meeting included a presentation by audio visual technologists and a recap of the meeting 


Sadly, some really desirable items have to  be put on an options list depending on budget constraints. We hope to hear about our bids for some beautiful used church liturgical goods by Christmas and after the new year we will publish a listing of those memorials which might include stained glass windows and other church goods. As a prelude to our groundbreaking in the Spring we will also rejuventate the capital campaign by soliciting additional donors as the liturgical environment of the church interior takes shape and hoping we can rescue some of the items from the "wish list." 



Chapel Progress

We took delivery of the new altar for Holy Cross Chapel yesterday and it's quite dignified: oak stained plywood with an oak top. 


New Altar for Holy Cross Chapel
New Altar for Holy Cross Chapel

 Francisco is busy applying the first of two coats of paint to the cinder block walls after having cleaned and filled some cracks.  





A portable gate to isolate the chapel from the parish office complex and the school has also been delivered.



Important Week for Church Renovation Project

Several important events regarding the Church renovation project are happening this week:

Progress continues on the chapel worship space. Plans are that the last regular Sunday masses in the church will be on the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord. First Holy Communions will be the last masses before the project begins.

There will be a meeting of architect, construction manager and parish staff this week to take the latest estimates and proposals and arrive at a guaranteed maximal price for the new construction. This may not be the final meeting, but it is getting very close.

Architect James McCrery with Holy Cross Construction Documents
Architect James McCrery with Holy Cross Construction Documents

Bishop O'Connell has signed the construction loan agreement with TD Bank.

A recent visit to several recently closed churches in the area was fascinating. We have expressed interest in several beautiful items and depending on the asking price, we may be able to obtain some wonderfully crafted liturgical items from the early 1900's for our church. (? maybe even stained glass windows!)