Holy Cross School and Parish
Drop Off and Distribution Points for Material Assistance

Update Parish Information November 7th 10AM

Holy Cross church and school are all powered up!!

Tentative schedule

    Holy Cross school reopens Monday for students pending busses, etc.

    Holy Cross School teachers report Friday, school office opens Friday.

    Holy Cross parish offices are open; mass schedules are as usual.

    There is Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament today until noontime. Longer if people arrive or     bring a schedule for adoration.

    Parish email appears to be working.

    Parish phone system appears to be working although message taking and phone mail might not     be 100%.

    The church is and has been open; we will lock the church at 4 PM until further notice.

    The source for all storm related information other than Holy Cross parish is Bingham Hall and     Borough Offices.

    Holy Cross is NOT accepting materials or goods at the present time. One problem everyone had     been having with the local shortages of gasoline has been delivering the goods to places that     need them. Many places were already not accepting certain kinds of donations (e.g. clothes) and     some not accepting anything. Check before bringing anything to your intended destination.

    Holy Cross school is not a distribution center for food or clothing at the present time.

    Public access to Sea Bright is closed for two days.

    All Holy Cross parish events other than masses are cancelled until Monday.