Sunday Masses

Recovery Begins

WertygolubiyA team of utility workers from Matrix (sp?) Electric Company stowed their trailers and gear in our parking lot overnight before heading out early this morning to work on what they called the Sea Bright substation. We wish them Godspeed.

Residents from portions of Sea Bright were allowed to visit their properties today one busload at a time. This was an increase from previous trips to the borough which were taken by small ATV vehicles. Allowing unrestricted vehicular traffic into the borough at this time would not only be unsafe due to the precarious condition of much of the housing but also hamper plowing, sifting and relocating the tons of sand on the streets of Sea Bright.

 Residents demonstrated remarkable courtesy and resolve to work together; the staging area remained calm and orderly, a dramatic improvement from the first day following the storm when displaced residents and hurricane tourist traffic snarled in an ugly collection at Ward and Rumson Avenues.

The helpfulness and energy of the volunteers, many of whom lost housing in Sea Bright themselves, was inspiring. 

A Spirit-filled, intrepid group of travellers from Tamoka Christian Church in Ormand, Florida arrived with trailers loaded with useful relief items for personal needs and property clean up. That's a journey of just over one thousand miles! They related that they were unable to reach their original destination due to road flooding and were subsequently turned away by dozens of churches and relief organizations until being directed to Sea Bright and Holy Cross. Happily some parish volunteers were able to help distribute these items through OEM today not only to Sea Bright residents but residents of surrounding communities as well. There was immediate need for virtually every item of the wide variety of items they brought. 

Let us continue to pray for the spiritual peace of those whose lives have been buffeted by the wind and the waves and the resolve of many Good Samaritans to come to their aid. Let us pray that local community leaders and government officials are inspired by prudence and justice in allocating recovery resources. 

Holy Cross School and parish offices remain closed until further notice. 

Our mass schedule has been maintained throughout the storm and will continue to be observed with the exception that all masses will be held in the church and the 7 PM Latin masses are cancelled until further notice.