Updates for School Traffic On Monday 11/12
Wednesday November 14

Holy Cross Update 11/12/2012

Thanks everyone for your patience in the parking lot! We were trying to divert contractors and others from using Holy Cross parking during school hours and using the "grassy knoll" on Ward and Rumson instead which is open for public parking.

It is important for us to control vehicles entering our parking lot from unexpected places and at  unexpected times from speeding. Please believe me when I say it's been a bit of a free-for-all for the last two weeks and cooperate with any traffic delays or requests to slow down.

Tomorrow the FEMA trailer is scheduled to be removed from Ward/Rumson knoll. I'm not sure about the Marine Corps tent or the mobile home/trailer also on the lot. Late in the afternoon, a red Fios tent appeared staffed by three employees from Fios with information on how to restore service, etc. 

Plans to open Sea Bright without restriction were postponed until Wednesday to give additional time for property owners to secure their property. There will still be a roadblock in place at Rumson and Ward tomorrow, Tuesday.

It was great to see the children again! I was able to visit all the lower grades and stop in during lunch while the upper grades were in the gym. I prayed a Hail Mary with each class. There is a small statue of Mary which was found on the beach in Sea Bright and was placed in one of the utility trailers storing food and clothing. That statue was brought to the tent where we said mass and had Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament in Sea Bright yesterday and was on the altar. I'm not sure about the final plans for the statue, but we'll work to be sure that they're special and keep you posted.

Efforts to provide up to the minute, needed relief of specific supplies and help with food purchases are being coordinated through Lori LaPlante in the Parish Office in cooperation with the PTA and parish Social Concerns Committee and volunteers. Please call to give or receive help. 

 Funding from the  Diocesan collection will be through Catholic relief agencies with needs assessment procedures and financial accounting practices in place, e.g. Catholic Charities, St. Vincent dePaul Society, etc. These organizations have a long history of helping Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Please help dispel the ignorant rumors that aid will be available only to Catholics.