Thanksgiving Food Drive Trailer Arriving Monday
Bishop O'Connell's Statement On Upcoming Diocesan Monetary Collection

Holy Cross School and Parish Update Friday, November 9th

School will reopen on Monday.  Many of our teachers gathered today in the school with our principal to organize their classrooms and discuss strategies for the reopening of school. 

We will be working with the Rumson police to ensure a well organized traffic pattern.

Parish staff and volunteers made progress on compiling a list of flooded homes and will be organzing a phone call team to contact as many parishioners as possible, both to offer reassurance and to help in aligning material resources. We will help identify familes who need assistance and serve as an additional source to put these families in touch with other parishioners who can provide support. This will be especially needed for those parishioners living in Rumson or Sea Bright whose social network is not as extensive as others.  Mrs. Lori LaPlante is the coordinator for these efforts at the parish offices. Our phone and email systems are working as the parish now has electric power. 

The diocese and parish will conduct a second collection on November 17/18 to help those affected by the storm. Many of our parishioners are victims of the storm; many are also in a position to offer financial assistance. Bishop O'Connell has directed that all parish contributions be made to the Diocesan relief fund, which will disburse the funds through Catholic organizations which have both the capacity to assess need and who can account for the donations with adequate bookeeping procedures, e.g. Catholic Charities, St. Vincent DePaul Society, Project Paul, etc.

Almost all goods the Church took custody of from volunteers delivering them from Florida have been disbursed through OEM officials and local officials from Sea Bright. Many, many cases of donated bottled water will be removed tomorrow and reserved for their use. 

All masses will be held in the Church this weekend, including the Latin mass at 7 PM. 

CCD is cancelled this weekend.

Parking may be challenging as many spots in the parking lot are occupied by stranded vehicles. Please try to arrive for mass early.

Ongoing parish recovery efforts will be coordinated by parish staff, our Social Concerns committee and concerned familes of our PTA and our parish. One of the most crucial missions of our school employees and teachers is to create a secure and nurturing environment for our children and get on with their educational needs. Using existing parish structures and parish staff to organize recovery efforts will help us reach everyone who needs it, coordinate resource allocation and help our school faculty, students and staff to return to normalcy.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers and offers of assistance. The parish is grateful to our business manager, Roger Trendowski, our maintenance workers, our sacristan and our parish staff for tireless efforts to keep our school basement pumped, our facilities safe and secure during the blackout and  to smooth the way for the opening of school on Monday. It's amazing what you can do without electricity when you must.

So many volunteers helped at Bingham Hall and in other ways to offer material and spiritual support. The National Guard troops were effusive in their praise of local citizens for their generosity and cooperation. In all that we do, let continue to pray to Christ for the strength to help and the willingness to care.