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Responsorial Psalm for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

Church Construction Project Update

Our architect, engineers and construction manager are hard at work. The construction documents are 50% complete. Two estimates have been arrived at using the architect's design documents. Now the construction manager is busy getting real life estimates for each component job of the project so that a realistic budget can be tabulated. Once the cost of our project including all the wish lists is know, we can decide which items might need to be deferred or eliminated to keep the project within our financial reach. Once we have a final budget, with diocesan approval we will sign the construction contract and the individual component jobs will go out to competitive bid. 

Our new music director has brought renewed interest in rehabilitating our present pipe organ rather than acquiring a new digital organ for the church. Two separate groups are estimating the cost of moving, restoring and eventually augmenting the organ.

Pledges and commitments are being kept and paid. Thank you for your continued generosity and support of this important parish project.