Power Lost
School Closings 10/30

After Sandy Tuesday 10/30 10AM

Well, we were able to celebrate morning mass by candlelight this morning. Several big trees on the church property have fallen, but no hits on any buildings.

The church property is relatively high, so there was little water damage, but the winds are still gusting strongly. The church is relatively intact. A few roof tiles, some fallen plaster. The shrine in front of the rectory snapped off. 

Tree toppled by Sandy
Our Christmas tree has seen its last Christmas
Holy Cross Shrine
Shrine fractured









Sadly, the hurricane tourism traffic is crazy outside up and down Ward Avenue and into and out of our parking lot. Looks a little like the fireworks traffic on the Fourth of July. The police tried to keep people away this morning, but I'm sure they have other problems. Now there are cars parked up and down both sides of Ward Avenue, people K turning in driveways and driving through the church lot. Not humanity at its finest.

Good day to stay indoors and away from trees. 

Let us continue to pray for the safety and health of all those who suffer from the storm.