Physician Assisted Suicide: The Time Should Never Come
Responsorial Psalm for Sunday October 7

Adult Faith Formation Sessions for the Year of Faith

These are the discussion topics and reading material for the Adult Formation Sessions for the Year of Faith. The numbers in the second column refer to the question numbers in the Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church. The parish office has a supply of these books on hand for a requested donation of $15.

St. Michael Media Room, 7:00 PM Compendium: Catechism of the Catholic Church
Question Numbers: (not page numbers)
Oct. 17th-Year of Faith # 11-19; p. 191 Act of Faith
Nov. 14th-Trinity 19-23
Dec. 12th-Jesus Christ, True God and True Man Chapter 2; 79-135
Jan. 16th-Baptism of the Lord… Church 147-193
Feb. 13th-Reconciliation 295-320
Mar. 13th-Sacraments/Sacramentality Section 1
Apr. 17th-Real Presence 271-294
May 15th-Divine Revelation as Scripture & Tradition 11-24
June 12th-Morality, Sin and Conscience 357-376;73-78;392-400
July 17th-Social Teachings/Social Justice 509-520
Aug. 14th-Mary and the Communion of Saints 194-199
Sept. 11-The Mass 271-294
Oct. 16th-Grace and Virtue 422-433;377-390
Nov. 13th-Death and Eternal Life 202-217