This Week's Resposorial Psalm
Tuesday's Religious Education Classes Blown Away

Preparations Underway for Holy Cross Chapel


This week a small committee including the pastor and principal met to consider what accomodations need to be made in chapel, formerly used by our school sisters, when construction on the church begins.

We have borrowed the chapel from the Pre-K for the time being, and happily for us, the physical modifications to the building were minimal when it became used for classrooms. The altar and seating arrangment will be modified from the original plans for the chapel, allowing us to seat a greater number of parishioners and students at daily mass. The entryway door will be modified to restrict access to the chapel only. Otherwise, with a good cleaning a new coat of paint, some chairs and portable altar, we'll be ready to pray. The Blessed Sacrament will be reposed in the chapel when the church closes for construction. We are investigating the possibility of outdoor votive candles as the interior space is small and not amenable to their use.

We have plans to make the space ready for use by January 1; too soon to say when the daily masses will actually be moved there.