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Meeting Room in Renovated Church

Architect, engineer and a small committee has been working on setting up the downstairs meeting room/hospitality area in the renovated church.

The lowel level has elevator accesibility, a men's lavatory and women's lavatory which will serve as the main restrooms (there is an additional handicapped-accesible rest room on the main level of the church), a small kitchenette, altar server room, sacristan's station. The meeting room will be equipped to handle hospitality after our masses, and some of the church meetings which now take place in the St. Michael's Media room in the school. 

Some aspects of this drawing have already been changed: the location of the doors to the rest rooms have been relocated to allow access from outside the meeting room proper, avoiding the interruption of doors opening and closing into the meeting space; some of the storage area has been designated as altar server room, sacristan's station and electronic equipment control.