A Praying Mantis Praying in Church?
Lift Up Your Voice and Proclaim the Good News in Word and Deed and Song

Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Exaltation of the Holy Cross stained glass window Holy Cross, Rumson

Blessings to all on this, the parish feast day. We will also commemorate our feast day this weekend at all the Sunday masses. 

This year we are asking all parishioners to consider serving our parish in two of the most important ways which give liturgical glory to God - using the human voice. The Word, proclaimed and sung, is a crucial part of our worship together and we need volunteers in its service as choir members/ cantors and readers.

If fear of public speaking is holding you back...fear not! In this instance you can depend entirely on God's help to get you over your fear, whether it's a mild case of butterflies, or a full blown phobia. There are so many articulate and well-spoken parishioners at Holy Cross, that God will surely plant the idea in many hearts to step forward to proclaim His Word to our assembly. Please pray whether you might help us.

Our new Music Director, Mr. Don Carolina, will be speaking at the masses this weekend to encourage parishioners to sing for the Lord in our parish adult choir, perhaps even to consider leading the our assembly in song. Many new voices will add depth and dimension to our chorus of voices and enable our choir to help us pray even more beatifully to the Lord. Don is a skillful and patient Choirmaster and along with Tucky Parent, our choir director, will help the song in your heart come to life at our masses.