Holy Cross School Mass on Friday for the Opening of the Academic Year
A Praying Mantis Praying in Church?

Church Renovation Project

Ink and Watercolor of Church Window
Not only is our school starting up again, but so will the more public aspects of the Church renovation project.

The design specifications are being refined and amended as the build plans are being developed. There are so many questions to think through beforehand - all the way from big issues like the baptismal font and altar, to how many outlets and what kind of coffee pots will be used in the hospitality area.

It is also time to begin to specifically identify the many statues which have been given places of honor in the church and the garden. The art for the tryptich behind the tabernacle needs to be considered and commissioned. Many, many liturgical design details need to be considered, especially within the constraints of our soon to be finalized construction budget. It is also important to plan for those elements which we cannot now afford, but defer for fund raising and installation at a later date. 

Some of those who have expressed interest in this particular aspect of the church project will be contacted to begin meeting to consider proposals already suggested by our architect and to perhaps develope new ones. Please contact Eileen in the Parish Office to be sure your name is included for consideration.