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A Sad Ending

You will recall a post from several months ago ( in which I reminded parishioners that our school's full time faculty are covered  by employment and disciplinary policies established by the Diocese of Trenton which includes tenure. I felt it was important for everyone to know, especially in light of a comment that "this wouldn't happen in the public system" made during an ad hoc parish meeting. 

As part of the due process utilized by the teacher whose contract was not renewed, a Diocesan Appeals Committee  met on July 18th and affirmed our right to refuse to renew the teacher's contract under Diocesan policy. A second appeal from the Committee's decision was sought from the Vicar for Catholic Education and the Diocesan Superitendent of Schools who decided on August 13th that the parish acted within Diocesan guidelines and reported that in fact, the pastor and principal had been in constant contact with the Diocese and acted with their guidance in this whole matter.

I have two nautical paintings in my office, which serve as an inspiration for prayer and encouragement.

Jesus in Storm at Sea

The first is by Eugene Delacroix, Jesus and the Disciples during the Storm on the Sea of Galilee.


The second, a gift by a lesser known painter (but locally famous!), Mary Beth Wilson, who painted and gave me the painting entitled "Hope" several years ago.

Through calm seas and storms, it helps to know Jesus is in the boat!

Let us pray that we now enter a period of calm seas and tranquil waters.