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Holy Cross School

ManpainterladderAlong with the usual clean-up the summer recess affords our school, this year the principal's office is getting a bit of special attention. Already a fresh coat of paint in a new (slate-blue?) color has been applied, and fresh, new carpeting in both the inner and outer school office has been laid. Mr. Belluzzi has already unpacked many treasured memorabilia which adorn his desk and now hang on the walls of the principal's office. During his first week, Fr. Manning presented him with a Waterford crystal "Holy Cross" for his desk. Mancarpetlayer3_10

This of course, along with fresh coats of paint for classrooms and hallways, plumbing repairs and general cleaning. When the contents of the classrooms are moved into the hallways, it's amazing to realize the amount of furniture, books and equipment each classroom holds.

The repairs to the gutters of the school have already been underway.