New Second Grade Teachers Appointed
New Liturgical Movement on Holy Cross Church Design Plans

Exciting Day for Holy Cross Church Project

Today saw two exciting developments in the Holy Cross Church project. 

ContractFirst, Fr. Manning delivered to our architect James McCrery his contract for the church renovation project which had reviewed by our own Committee, the Diocesan attorney, and approved and signed by Bishop O'Connell yesterday. 

Second, many members of our project team got together to establish their communication network, timelines for meetings and project milestones and to get acquainted with each other and the parish staff. Our architect James McCrery and his assistant Michael Meszaros, our structural engineer, Valerie Gillespie, members of the Scozzari Builders team, our business manager Roger Trendowski, a parish volunteer Tony Rosa and Fr. Manning. Father Manning opened the meeting with a prayer and the team immediately set to work, first by reviewing and commenting on the design development plans which are 85% complete, then after adjourning for lunch, to inspect, measure and assess the church structure itself.


After input from today's meeting is finalized, the project timeline will be adjusted and a new pricing estimate for the project will be generated very soon.

Tomorrow afternoon, our Liturgy Committee will meet and discuss selecting the dates for the last liturgies in our church before the construction project begins.

One priority will be to determine when our First Holy Communions might be celebrated in the church, including the possibility of celebrating our communions at an earlier date this year so that groundbreaking might be scheduled in early Spring.