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Memorial Day, Military Suicides and Pentecost

Lift High The Cross Memorial Wall Is Complete


After many years and much sacrifice on the part of our donors, the listing of our generous supporters on the Lift High the Cross Memorial Wall is complete. Our beautiful memorial was designed and installed by Renovata Studios, who patiently and carefully removed and re-installed the marble panels through several phases of engraving as our donors completed their pledges.

The Lift High the Cross campaign was begun to supplement the fundraising of the partially completed original capital campaign when the school construction plan was upgraded and the church design was deferred for further study. The original construction budget became sorely inadequate to meet our needs. Two additional campaigns were planned, one (Lift High the Cross) during the immediate construction of the school and anotherfor the church, eventually named A Time to Build, after the church design was studied, discussed and revised.

Many generous donors stepped forward with pledges of capital and of faith in the project plans, both of which are gratefully appreciated. After tougher economic times than we would have hoped, most of the pledges were fulfilled and we can now happily complete the Donor Wall with many thanks to all our generous benefactors.

We are now in the final pledge period of the Church campaign, A Time to Build and look forward to the exciting new developments as our parish church receives a facelift and expansion.

Lift High the Cross

 Founder Blair & Elizabeth O’Connor• Founder Burgess Family• Founder David & Susan Dowden• Founder Dino & Katherine Cesario• Founder Edward & Maureen Shea• Founder Geoffrey S. Winchell• Founder Gregory S. Winchell• Founder John & Marybeth Wilson• Founder John & Maureen MacDonald• Founder Joseph & Barrie Fahey• Founder Martin & Deborah McCann• Founder Megan W. Peter• Founder Michael & Catherine Sullivan• Founder Sheila Martello• Founder The Forlenza Family• Founder The Giannotto Family• Founder The Sullivan Grandchildren• Founder The Tort Family• Benefactor Brian & Leslie Curran and Family• Benefactor Douglas & Margaret Simons• Benefactor Frank & Jeanne Shanley• Benefactor James & Thomas Martello and Nicholas Preston• Benefactor Jimmy Martello Foundation• Benefactor Joseph & Beth Koerwer• Benefactor Justin & Victoria Gmelich• Benefactor Lillian B. Farrington• Benefactor Michael & Carole Brown• Benefactor Michael & Martina Scarrone• Benefactor Richard & Maria Incremona• Benefactor Stuart & Patricia MacGregor• Benefactor The Dengler Family• Benefactor The Finan Family• Patron Christopher & Clare Broderick• Patron Claire & O'Neill Duffy• Patron Daniel & Kathryn Rusbarsky• Patron David & Janice Henderson• Patron Donald & Florence Macdonald• Patron Ed & Joanne Gillespie• Patron Gsell Family• Patron Guy & Catherine Farrington• Patron Kathryn & J. Howard Carter• Patron Kevin & Maureen Conery• Patron Mark & Colleen Newsome• Patron Marshall & Maryann Allegra• Patron Matthew & Carolyn Geiger• Patron Maxim Group• Patron Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Palmeri, Jr. & Family• Patron Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Avallone• Patron Nevin & Jacqueline Whitelaw• Patron Nicole & Eugene Croddick II & Family• Patron Patrick & Lisette Lynch• Patron Peter & Pia McCarthy• Patron Ray & Dennice Carey• Patron Richard Wurth• Patron Roger & Arlene Stump• Patron Ronald & Lynn Worobel• Patron Starker Family Foundation• Patron Stephen & Patricia Brennan• Patron The Clifford Family• Patron The Goullet Family• Patron The Hubler Family• Patron The McDaid Family• Patron The O’Mara Family• Patron Thomas & Christina Durney• Patron William & Patricia Lista• Steward Maureen Devine In Memory of William and Mary Supina• Steward Alvaro & Beryl Vallejo• Steward Anthony & Lorrie Manzo• Steward Anthony & Vera Gangemi• Steward Bernard & MaryEllen Maas• Steward Bernard & Maureen Hackett• Steward Brendan Flynn• Steward Brian & Jessica Hickey• Steward Bruce & Tania Eagleson• Steward Carol & Robert X. 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Banich• Steward James & Eileen Zazzali• Steward James & Elaine Hinckley• Steward Jay & Anne Harbeck• Steward Jeffrey & Bonnie Buchner• Steward Jerome & Rosemary Bell• Steward Jim & Dory Reagan• Steward JoAnn Brosious• Steward Joe & Darrah Kenney and Family• Steward John & Alice Trelease• Steward John & Charissa Keavey• Steward John & Estee Keefe• Steward John & Jeraldine Keefe• Steward John & Maria Checton• Steward John & Suzanne Gavin• Steward Joseph & Eileen Kenney• Steward Joseph & Katie Cabrera• Steward Joseph & Margot O’Connor• Steward Joseph & Michele Thompson• Steward Joseph & Robin Hemphill• Steward Joseph P. Burns• Steward Keith & Meghan Connolly• Steward Kenneth & Elaine Young• Steward Kenneth & Lisa Wilson• Steward Laurence & Kathleen Morris• Steward Lawrence & Anne Lapham• Steward Lawrence & Lynn Gonnello• Steward Leonard & Lauren Huttner• Steward Leslie & Martin J. 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Dean and Courtney Adams• Steward William & Cindy Gangemi• Steward William & Colleen Rempel• Steward William & Julie Gettings• Steward William & Marion Riordan• Steward William & Nancy Loughran• Steward William & Patricia Alcaro