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Holy Cross School Faculty


Good News!

The School Finance Council met to review the most recent budget projections and predicted school enrollment and we can announce that modest raises can be expected for all of our full time teachers next year.  No transfers or reassignments of teachers to grades other than they teach now are anticipated, with the obvious exception of Mrs. Gallo who will resume teaching 7th grade, and Greer McCarthy who will become a full time 5th grade teacher.

Our interviews for second grade teachers are going extremely well, and we will have some of the candidates returning to teach sample lessons. They are experienced second grade teachers, many possess Master’s degrees and specialized teaching certifications and all have a great devotion to the Catholic faith and sacraments.

Teacher contracts will be offered for signature early in June after performance evaluation interviews with Mrs. Graham.

As you already know, our new principal Mr. Bill Belluzzi will be visiting Holy Cross to meet the faculty and we look forward to his visit.