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Community Donations by Holy Cross

There are quite a few events coming up for which Holy Cross has agreed to the use of the Church parking lot and/or meeting facilities:

Monmouth County Rumson Sea Bright Bridge S32 Stakeholder Meeting June 26

Monmouth County Cancer Ball Valet parking June 9th PM

St. George's Canterbury Fair overflow parking on June 9th AM

Sea Bright Lawn and Tennis Club Prentice Cup August 25th



Teenage Drinking


Rumson police announced arrests yesterday of three teenage pedestrians for underage drinking after police were apparently called for loud, blasphemous comments by the teens in question.1   

The arrests come as part of a conscientious regional approach in cooperation with Fairhaven to diminish underage teen drinking. 

Now that the windows are open in the warm weather, it's not difficult to hear the sound of rowdy pedestrian traffic late at night, often young people. Discarded beer cans often litter Rumson Road alongside the church property during the summer months. An increase in public awareness and a renewed vigilance in enforcement and prevention of teen drinking is quite timely as summer approaches and graduation parties kick into gear.


New Principal to Visit Faculty on Thursday

Hand22131_011341 (1)

We're happy that Mr. Bill Beluzzi is making time to visit us before the school year ends (along with his responsibilities as Superintendent of Montvale Schools) and will be meeting with Holy Cross School faculty and the Board of Delegated Responsibility this Thursday afternoon. It will be difficult for him to leave a school district he has called his home for so many years, so please welcome him with warmth and enthusiasism - and give him a chance to acclimate himself and officially start on July 1 before bombarding him with requests! 


Memorial Day: Rumson and Sea Bright

Parishioners and member of our youth group joined forces this morning to support Rumson Borough's Annual Memorial Day Parade and Commemoration. 

At the same time, Fr. Manning and the new pastor from Sea Bright Methodist Church were attending Sea Bright's Annual Memorial Service. Fr. Manning gave the Benediction to close the service which began with an invocation, patriotic songs, a talk by a WW II navy veteran, presentation of flags to the family members of deceased members of the Fire Auxiliary, and laying of wreaths at the memorial outside Borough Hall. It seemed safer to walk to the ceremony rather than take a vehicle as the boat traffic on the river was heavy and high. 

Holy Cross Church Banner Memorial Day ParadeSea Bright Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day, Military Suicides and Pentecost

Yellow_and_red_candle_fThis weekend our nation remembers those who suffered most acutely from war; we salute those veterans who gave their lives in battle. The Memorial Day holiday has an interesting history. Just around the same time the Catholic Church was moving holydays and allowing Saturday evening vigil masses to satisfy the Sunday mass obligation, Congress moved four federal holidays to Mondays in order to give federal workers three day weekends – Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day. It didn’t take long for most states to follow the federal lead, except interestingly, for Veterans Day, which after a decade of Monday celebration, was moved back to its traditional date of November 11. (WWI hostilities ended 11/11/1918 at the 11th hour; orginally Armistice Day)

We are reminded this Memorial Day, that war takes the lives of our soldiers not only on the battlefield, but off it as well. Some who speak of the glory of war too often forget its gory cruelty. Veterans cannot forget and haunted by the memories, they sometimes take their own lives after their fighting is done.

The commanding general of Fort Bliss, Maj Gen Pittard1 was criticized for recently blogging a comment that suicide was a thoroughly “selfish” act, which brutalized family members, friends and colleagues. His blog comments were made after attending the funeral of a soldier who killed himself at home with his family on Christmas in front of his twin six year old daughters. It is important to read about Fort Bliss and the full text of the general’s now deleted blog comments before agreeing with some politicians that the general “completely misunderstands” military suicides, or that he is “totally insensitive” to the problem. The general retracted his statement, but reemphasized his concern about suicide not only in the Army, but in our nation.3

 Meantime, no one led the charge to correct a statement from one of the Kennedy’s outside the funeral of Mary Kennedy, who hanged herself: “Mary suffered from depression…I just think about the story of Michael the Archangel, who had to battle the forces of evil, had to battle Satan who was trying to enter paradise, and that's what Mary did her whole life. She was battling, battling those demons and keeping them out of the paradise that was Mary. She was an angel, she was an angel who was brought to us to live with us here on Earth. And I think that God just brought her back up to heaven and said: 'You don't have to fight for me anymore, you can be back where you're supposed to be.”4

Emotionally sympathetic, but theologically bizarre comments like these are precisely why the Catholic Church forbids eulogies (praising the deceased) at mass and exercises increasing vigilance over the Words of Remembrance given by family or friends whenever they are spoken in church.

I’m no angel, you’re no angel. Our battles are vastly different from angels, who do not experience hunger, thirst, fatigue or even physical pleasure. Angels don’t become addicted to drugs or alcohol, or suffer from any illness, even a cold. Angels cannot kill themselves.

Here apparently suicide has moved away from any opprobrium at all, to a hereditary illness, then to an honor in heaven, a kind of heavenly Purple Heart. As General Pittard reminds us however, “There is nothing noble about suicide.” Implying that there is, even to console the sorrowful, is dangerous.

If we can agree that suicide is not a moral flaw, I hope we can also agree that suicide causes terrible pain and suffering to others…suicide is surely not a moral virtue. Nor is suicide inevitable. (In fact a recent study determined that 20% of those dying by suicide are legally intoxicated; is getting drunk part of the suicide plan, or does drinking loosen inhibitions against self-harm? There is so much we do not yet understand.)

We reflect on the wounds of war this weekend: The wounds that kill on the battlefield and those that kill after the battle is done. God help us to understand the horror of war, and that some casualties of war can be prevented far away from enemy fire.

General Pittard comments that “suicide is a serious problem, not only in our Army, but throughout our entire nation.” As for the soldiers under his command, a buddy system has been instituted –  all soldiers have a teammate watching out for them; the general exhorts them: to “Please look after each other; please do not allow your buddy to make a rash decision that will have permanent life-ending consequences. Choose life.” That doesn’t sound like insensitivity or misunderstanding to me.

 As citizens we can make sure mental health treatment is freely and confidentially available. And we can fight the stigma that a history of mental health treatment carries in many professions and occupations.

As Catholics we can embrace the graces of Pentecost. Ask the Holy Spirit to make us ever faithful in Pentecost
prayer, to increase our respect for the Eucharist and strengthen our spiritual and communal bonds.

May we become

  • a community of compassion and consolation, of less strident criticism, but not of lesser moral values.
  • a community of courage to confront social evils and battle to right them.
  • a community of freedom to worship our God, help our neighbors and defend our most precious moral and religious values. 

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love!


Pittard's original blog entry Jan 18 2012: I've edited out the phrases which were criticized so as not to propagate them, you can Google them everywhere. The whole post is a bit more difficult to discover: 

"We lost a Fort Bliss Soldier to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. I heard the tragic news as I walked out of a memorial service for another one of our Soldiers who decided to kill himself at home on Christmas Day so that his family would find him. Christmas will never be the same for his two young daughters he left behind....edit...There is nothing noble about suicide. I care about each and every one of our Soldiers, family members and civilians at Fort Bliss. I know there are a lot of people hurting out there, especially with the future Army personnel cuts on the horizon. If you are hurting mentally or emotionally, then seek and get help; but don’t resort to taking your own life. ...edit...SEEK HELP! If you need help, please call 915-779-1800 or 800-273-TALK (8255). It is a confidential call. Please look after each other; please do not allow your buddy to make a rash decision that will have permanent life-ending consequences. Choose life.”


Lift High The Cross Memorial Wall Is Complete


After many years and much sacrifice on the part of our donors, the listing of our generous supporters on the Lift High the Cross Memorial Wall is complete. Our beautiful memorial was designed and installed by Renovata Studios, who patiently and carefully removed and re-installed the marble panels through several phases of engraving as our donors completed their pledges.

The Lift High the Cross campaign was begun to supplement the fundraising of the partially completed original capital campaign when the school construction plan was upgraded and the church design was deferred for further study. The original construction budget became sorely inadequate to meet our needs. Two additional campaigns were planned, one (Lift High the Cross) during the immediate construction of the school and anotherfor the church, eventually named A Time to Build, after the church design was studied, discussed and revised.

Many generous donors stepped forward with pledges of capital and of faith in the project plans, both of which are gratefully appreciated. After tougher economic times than we would have hoped, most of the pledges were fulfilled and we can now happily complete the Donor Wall with many thanks to all our generous benefactors.

We are now in the final pledge period of the Church campaign, A Time to Build and look forward to the exciting new developments as our parish church receives a facelift and expansion.

Lift High the Cross

 Founder Blair & Elizabeth O’Connor• Founder Burgess Family• Founder David & Susan Dowden• Founder Dino & Katherine Cesario• Founder Edward & Maureen Shea• Founder Geoffrey S. Winchell• Founder Gregory S. Winchell• Founder John & Marybeth Wilson• Founder John & Maureen MacDonald• Founder Joseph & Barrie Fahey• Founder Martin & Deborah McCann• Founder Megan W. Peter• Founder Michael & Catherine Sullivan• Founder Sheila Martello• Founder The Forlenza Family• Founder The Giannotto Family• Founder The Sullivan Grandchildren• Founder The Tort Family• Benefactor Brian & Leslie Curran and Family• Benefactor Douglas & Margaret Simons• Benefactor Frank & Jeanne Shanley• Benefactor James & Thomas Martello and Nicholas Preston• Benefactor Jimmy Martello Foundation• Benefactor Joseph & Beth Koerwer• Benefactor Justin & Victoria Gmelich• Benefactor Lillian B. Farrington• Benefactor Michael & Carole Brown• Benefactor Michael & Martina Scarrone• Benefactor Richard & Maria Incremona• Benefactor Stuart & Patricia MacGregor• Benefactor The Dengler Family• Benefactor The Finan Family• Patron Christopher & Clare Broderick• Patron Claire & O'Neill Duffy• Patron Daniel & Kathryn Rusbarsky• Patron David & Janice Henderson• Patron Donald & Florence Macdonald• Patron Ed & Joanne Gillespie• Patron Gsell Family• Patron Guy & Catherine Farrington• Patron Kathryn & J. Howard Carter• Patron Kevin & Maureen Conery• Patron Mark & Colleen Newsome• Patron Marshall & Maryann Allegra• Patron Matthew & Carolyn Geiger• Patron Maxim Group• Patron Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Palmeri, Jr. & Family• Patron Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Avallone• Patron Nevin & Jacqueline Whitelaw• Patron Nicole & Eugene Croddick II & Family• Patron Patrick & Lisette Lynch• Patron Peter & Pia McCarthy• Patron Ray & Dennice Carey• Patron Richard Wurth• Patron Roger & Arlene Stump• Patron Ronald & Lynn Worobel• Patron Starker Family Foundation• Patron Stephen & Patricia Brennan• Patron The Clifford Family• Patron The Goullet Family• Patron The Hubler Family• Patron The McDaid Family• Patron The O’Mara Family• Patron Thomas & Christina Durney• Patron William & Patricia Lista• Steward Maureen Devine In Memory of William and Mary Supina• Steward Alvaro & Beryl Vallejo• Steward Anthony & Lorrie Manzo• Steward Anthony & Vera Gangemi• Steward Bernard & MaryEllen Maas• Steward Bernard & Maureen Hackett• Steward Brendan Flynn• Steward Brian & Jessica Hickey• Steward Bruce & Tania Eagleson• Steward Carol & Robert X. Kelleher, Sr.• Steward Catherine Miller• Steward Charles & Ann Marie Shay• Steward Charles & Marjorie Schulz• Steward Christina D’Angelo• Steward Christine Hetzler• Steward Christopher & Deirdre York• Steward Christopher & Elizabeth Hempstead• Steward Christopher & Geraldine Donnelly• Steward Daniel & Lisa Walsh• Steward Daniel & Tara Jones• Steward Danielle & Greg Greene and Family• Steward David & Annamarie (Nonnie) Godvin• Steward David & Barbara Kirkpatrick• Steward Dominick & Marianne Grosso• Steward Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Doty• Steward Dr. & Mrs. William Wood• Steward Ed & Joan Truscio• Steward Eleanor Milazzo• Steward Eugenia McA. Kelly• Steward Fr. Michael Manning• Steward Gabriellan & Joe Sheridan• Steward Gary Sammon• Steward George & Sallie Kabash• Steward George E. Miles• Steward Gerald Manning• Steward Gerard & Shannon Kowalski• Steward Henry & Deborah Sullivan• Steward In Loving Memory of Joseph A. McAvoy• Steward In Memory of John Banich & John G. Banich• Steward James & Eileen Zazzali• Steward James & Elaine Hinckley• Steward Jay & Anne Harbeck• Steward Jeffrey & Bonnie Buchner• Steward Jerome & Rosemary Bell• Steward Jim & Dory Reagan• Steward JoAnn Brosious• Steward Joe & Darrah Kenney and Family• Steward John & Alice Trelease• Steward John & Charissa Keavey• Steward John & Estee Keefe• Steward John & Jeraldine Keefe• Steward John & Maria Checton• Steward John & Suzanne Gavin• Steward Joseph & Eileen Kenney• Steward Joseph & Katie Cabrera• Steward Joseph & Margot O’Connor• Steward Joseph & Michele Thompson• Steward Joseph & Robin Hemphill• Steward Joseph P. Burns• Steward Keith & Meghan Connolly• Steward Kenneth & Elaine Young• Steward Kenneth & Lisa Wilson• Steward Laurence & Kathleen Morris• Steward Lawrence & Anne Lapham• Steward Lawrence & Lynn Gonnello• Steward Leonard & Lauren Huttner• Steward Leslie & Martin J. Luff III• Steward Lori & Paul La Plante• Steward Louise Golda• Steward Margaret Quirk• Steward Mark & Susan Malone• Steward Mary Kay Mason• Steward Matthew & Diana Milkowski• Steward Matthew & Laurie Ruane• Steward Matthew & Susan Stypa• Steward Matthew & Tara Butler• Steward Matthew Izzo & Claire Harbeck• Steward Maureen Mulheren• Steward Michael & Georgina Masterson• Steward Michael & Karen Murphy• Steward Michael & Maryalice Pane• Steward Michael & Shanley Walker• Steward Michael Goliszeski• Steward Michael J. McCabe• Steward Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Scheffer• Steward Mr. & Mrs. Carl Amendola• Steward Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Cornette & Family• Steward Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Makin• Steward Mr. & Mrs. William H. Cook• Steward Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Hughes, Jr.• Steward Mrs. Mary M. Ryan• Steward Neri & Ada Merlini• Steward Nicholas A. & Diana S. Caliendo• Steward Olivia, Danielle & Carl Ward• Steward Patrick & Celine Mason• Steward Patrick & Ethel Moran• Steward Paul & Kim Chachko & Family• Steward Paul & Kim Clauss• Steward Paul & Melissa Ryan• Steward Paul, Maria and Emily Oberlander• Steward Peg McNulty• Steward Peter & Anafu Kaiser• Steward Peter & Delly Beekman• Steward Ralf & Margaret Sellig• Steward Richard & Patricia Lawrence• Steward Robert & Janet McGuire• Steward Robert & Regina Pohlman• Steward Robert & Susan Sorokolit• Steward Robert Rosean & Nancy Reinhold• Steward Sacka & Jim Duffy• Steward Sansone Memorial Fund• Steward Sidney & Nora Goldschlager• Steward Stephen & Regina de Gersdorff• Steward Stephen G. & Margaret Ann Chappell• Steward Sybil & David Heine and Family• Steward Terence & Adriana Kenny• Steward Terence & Mary Sheridan• Steward The Farina Family• Steward The Lemoine Family• Steward The Mac Gillis Family• Steward The McGinty Family• Steward The Passalaqua Family• Steward The Piccolo Family• Steward The Pindar Family• Steward The Raymond Family• Steward The Smyth Family• Steward The Sullivan Family• Steward The Velcamp Family• Steward The Wingertzahn Family• Steward The Wright Family• Steward The Wutt Family• Steward Thomas & Abby OMalley• Steward Thomas & Christine Huthwaite• Steward Thomas & Gemma Nastasi• Steward Thomas & Pat Flynn• Steward Thomas & Robin Sampson• Steward Thomas & Simone Cooney• Steward Thomas & Yvette Bonfiglio• Steward Timothy & Jane Orr• Steward Todd & Elaine Dixon• Steward Tony & Helen Solomine• Steward Vincent & Maggie Annarella• Steward W. Dean and Courtney Adams• Steward William & Cindy Gangemi• Steward William & Colleen Rempel• Steward William & Julie Gettings• Steward William & Marion Riordan• Steward William & Nancy Loughran• Steward William & Patricia Alcaro


Construction Documents for the Bishop's Signature

Ink_pen_01_fA few documents related to the new construction are being finalized and will be sent to Trenton for Bishop O'Connell's approval.

  • The architect's final contract
  • A sight triangle easement required by the Borough for the handicapped access sign for the driveway into the handicapped accessible parking lot
  • The construction bridge loan agreement
  • The performance bond required by the Borough

Interviews with Construction Managers and preliminary bid proposals are schedule for the first week in June. The schedule for groundbreaking is under discussion. When we have the commitment in writing, we'll let everyone know!



Holy Cross School Faculty


Good News!

The School Finance Council met to review the most recent budget projections and predicted school enrollment and we can announce that modest raises can be expected for all of our full time teachers next year.  No transfers or reassignments of teachers to grades other than they teach now are anticipated, with the obvious exception of Mrs. Gallo who will resume teaching 7th grade, and Greer McCarthy who will become a full time 5th grade teacher.

Our interviews for second grade teachers are going extremely well, and we will have some of the candidates returning to teach sample lessons. They are experienced second grade teachers, many possess Master’s degrees and specialized teaching certifications and all have a great devotion to the Catholic faith and sacraments.

Teacher contracts will be offered for signature early in June after performance evaluation interviews with Mrs. Graham.

As you already know, our new principal Mr. Bill Belluzzi will be visiting Holy Cross to meet the faculty and we look forward to his visit.

Preserve Religious Freedom


Preserve Religious Freedom

A webpage initiative of the Archdiocese of Washington with information about the decision of several Catholic groups in the Archdiocese to file suit against the Obama administration's HHS mandate that Catholic institutions provide coverage for immoral drugs and procedures when they offer employee medical insurance. 

This lawsuit is about an unprecedented attack by the federal government on one of America’s most cherished freedoms: the freedom to practice one’s religion without government interference. It is not about whether people have access to certain services; it is about whether the government may force religious institutions and individuals to facilitate and fund services which violate their religious beliefs.


The Archdiocese of Washington, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, The Consortium of Catholic Academis of the Archdiocese of Washington, Archbishop Carroll High School and the Catholic University of America are joining the lawsuit which is only one of twelve lawsuits filed today on behalf of 43 Catholic institutions around the country.

The lawsuits have been filed in eight states and the District of Columbia by the Archdioceses of Washington and New York, the Michigan Catholic Conference, Catholic Charities in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Indiana, health care agencies in New York and two dioceses in Texas.

In an irony too rich, but also too unjust to savor, the University of Notre Dame is also joining the lawsuits. Perhaps Obama will return his honorary doctorate in protest?

So What Did Sebelius Say?


After all the furor over the ill-advised invitation by Georgetown University to Kathleen Sebelius to speak at the "non commencement event," and the predictable deaf ear turned toward it by the University administration, what did she say?

Well, pretty much work hard, work for the common good, keep your idealism, Carpe diem. She was pretty heavy on the Georgetown sports metaphors (the transcript of the speech I read doesn't transcribe whether there was any hooting or hollering when the teams were mentioned). Which ideals she meant for the graduates to hold onto wasn't clear, but strongly implied that elders don't have them anymore.

She used the word "Catholic" once in referring to John Kennedy's presidential campaign but did not identify herself as one. And she repeated the poorly understood phrase "separation of church and state" which has often been used in an attempt to silence public discussion about moral issues.  (Some critics have noted there was little to fear Catholicism would influence anything Kennedy did, public or private.)  

Some of then-Senator Kennedy’s opponents attacked him for his religion, suggesting that electing the first Catholic president would undermine the separation of church and state, a fundamental principle of our democracy. The furor grew so loud that Kennedy chose to deliver a speech about his beliefs just seven weeks before the election.

In that talk to Protestant ministers, Kennedy talked about his vision of religion and the public square, and said he believed in an America, and I quote, “where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials – and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against one church is treated as an act against us all.”

Kennedy was elected president on November 8, 1960. And more than 50 years later, that conversation, about the intersection of our nation’s long tradition of religious freedom with policy decisions that affect the general public, continues.


Indeed it does. Except under Sebelius' watch, it's the federal regulations that are being imposed on Catholics. 

In support of the US Catholic bishops call for faithful Catholics to be heard, Holy Cross will have petitions available for parishioners to sign which call for the protection of religious liberty in the United States.

Rumson - Fair Haven Municipal Alliance to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Rumson and Fair Haven have joined together in a regional effort to combat drug and alcohol abuse in our communities, especially among our young people and in both our public and private schools.


The Serenity Prayer


A part-time Municipal Alliance Coordinator will be employed by both governments to implement a grant received from the Governor's Council of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, provide comprehensive substance abuse prevention programs to the communities of Rumson and Fair Haven, address community risk factors through collaborative planning with local resources. The Coordinator will also provide support to existing resources, i.e. schools, local law enforcement and recreation departments.

Holy Cross looks forward to cooperating with the Municipal Alliance Coordinator when named, and welcomes assistance in providing our students, their parents and parishioners with timely information and education to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.


Welcome to Our New Principal: William J. Belluzzi

1708_school_teacher_with_a_pointer_displayed_on_chalk_board_text_welcomeI was pleased to learn today that the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Trenton has given its approval to my and the Search Committee’s selection for new Principal of Holy Cross School.

William J. Belluzzi began his teaching career as a Language Teacher and Guidance Counselor at Bergen Catholic and St. Joseph Regional High Schools, served as an Instructor at Dominican College and then became principal of both public elementary and middle schools in Bergen County. He currently serves as the Superintendent of Schools of Montvale Public Schools.

Certifications, awards and distinctions

  • New York: School District Leader. New Jersey: School Administrator, Principal, Supervisor, K-12 Pupil Personnel Services, K-12 Spanish, K-12 Italian, Elementary School Teacher.
  • 1989 Bergen County Guidance Counselor of the Year; 1999 Bergen County Elementary and Middle School Administrative Excellence Award; Inducted into the Bergen Catholic Hall of Fame, 2004; Administrators Educational Visit to Korea, July 2001.
  • President, Bergen County Elementary and Middle School Administrators Association 2001 – 2003; Vice- President, 1999 – 2001; Executive Board, 1997 – Present; Member New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association Council, 2001 – 2005; President, Bergen County Coalition of School Administrators, 2002 – 2003; Executive Board, 2001 – 2006.


  • William Paterson University M.Ed. In Administration and Supervision, January 1996
  • Montclair State University M.A.T. in Secondary Education, May 1977
  • Fordham University B.A. in Romance Languages, Magna cum laude, June 1973

Mr. Belluzzi and his wife are residents of Bay Head, New Jersey; they have a son and daughter both of whom have completed their primary and secondary educations in Catholic schools.

Mr. Belluzzi’s love of education, children and his faith were evident in all the answers he gave to our committee.  His sincerity, compassion and conscientious approach to education will serve us well. Here are two paragraphs from the letter he wrote to the Search Committee explaining his vision for Catholic education:

          The challenges of a Catholic education as we move further into the 21st century will be to maintain a specifically Catholic identity, to remain current in curriculum and instructional practices, to make certain that schools are fiscally sound with viable enrollments, and to make provisions for necessary technology, supplies and equipment with a rich program of extracurricular activities. The particularly Catholic identity must provide the basis for integrating communal liturgical worship experiences, opportunities to practice Christian service, knowledge about faith and traditions, and meaningful discussion about important issues which will be faced both now and in the future

Catholic schools have a distinct advantage as they augment the role of the family in helping students to respect and value themselves and others while developing their specific God-given talents to make a contribution to our society.  Recognizing that parents are the primary educators of their children, the faculty and administration, together with the parish and the greater Church all need to pledge themselves toward the same vision. We all must care deeply about the young people entrusted to us and recognize that they are the reason for our existence.

We are delighted that Mr. Belluzzi will be joining us at Holy Cross and we welcome him back to his Catholic educational roots. He will be joining us before long to greet parents, children and parishioners as soon as we can arrange the dates and times.

Please pray that Holy Cross School continues to prosper and that our new principal will be guided by the Holy Spirit and the good will of school parents, faculty, children and parishioners alike.

 Fr Manning

Interviews for New Second Grade Teachers

Tomorrow there is an organizational meeting of the Teacher Interview Committee. We will finalize interview questions and delineate the process, screen applications and schedule interviews to begin next week.

We are so lucky to receive so many qualified applications for our consideration. Keep praying for the guidance of the Holy Spirit!

Committee Meeting Chairs

How Catholic is Georgetown?

Well, according to the Archdiocese of Washington's editorial in its diocesan newspaper:

...Georgetown has undergone a secularization, due in no small part to the fact that much of its leadership and faculty find their inspiration in sources other than the Gospel and Catholic teaching. Many are quite clear that they reflect the values of the secular culture of our age. Thus the selection of Secretary Sebelius for special recognition, while disappointing, is not surprising.


Read their blog post about Georgetown's controversial invitation to Kathleen Sebelius to speak here.

Read the entire editorial in the Catholic Standard here.

Georgetown University was named after the city, which was named after the king...of England that is.


The Cardinal Newman Society has an online petition which you may sign to express your dissatisfaction with Georgetown's invitation to Secretary Sebelius.




First Communions and First Confessions are the hard part.

Now that our parish celebrations of First Communion and First Confession are completed, let us remember that we have been initiated into a lifelong relationship with Christ by virtue of our Baptisms, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation. It's not only about the "first."

It was a joy to welcome some of our First Communicants at the weekend parish masses for the first time on Sunday, many of whom wore their First Communion outfits.

Let us pray that our children grow up sustained by the Eucharist as a regular part of their spiritual lives, and a necessary strength for their spiritual journeys.


The Ironies Have Only Just Begun; Saying Doesn't Make it So

Does the White House not understand the incredible hubris in touting the Affordable Patient Care Act on Mother's Day of all days?! While hyping the misclassification of pregnancy as a "prexisiting condition" in regard to pre-natal care, The White House fails to mention that the Affordable Patient Care Act has trampled upon religious liberties, treats birth control and abortion as "preventive medicine," and may have more to do with preventing Mother's Day than celebrating it! You can't make this stuff up! 

Political Propaganda