Parishioner Speakers at Masses This Weekend for "Time To Build" Campaign
A Time to Build Campaign

Items From Holy Cross Church For Purchase, Adoption and Recycling


One of the agenda items we will discuss during Wednesday night's meeting of the Church Building and Planning Committee will be the disposition of those items from the present church we will retain for use in the renovated church and those which will be sold, recycled or otherwise disposed of. Our architect has asked us to begin such a list.

One of the things we will do shortly is begin removing some of the memorial placques so that the information can be archived, catalogued and cleaned for either reinstallation in the renovated church or fabrication into new memorial placques. 

There are companies which take the contents of churches on consignment, but there have already been a few inquires from parishioners about our pews. The patterned windows on the side walls will not be reused and are also available. 

We will keep everyone posted on information as we get closer to preparing the church for its renovation.