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Principal Search Committee Survey

Principal Search Committee Formed for Holy Cross Elementary School

SchoolAs many of you already know, Mrs. Patricia Graham, our school principal has made the decision to retire at the end of this academic year. I speak for many when I express my gratitude for her service to Holy Cross School and assure her of the affection in which she is held. Mrs. Graham will help us complete this year smoothly along with the capable leadership of Mrs. Alison Mitchell, our Director of Curriculum.

I have formed a Principal Search Committee according to Diocesan guidelines to begin our selection of a new principal as soon as possible. The members of the Committee are: Cynthia Casciola-Kitts, Associate Director for Elementary Schools, Diocese of Trenton; Steve Chappell, member Holy Cross School Board; Brother James Butler, F.S.C., Principal, Christian Brothers Academy; Jacqueline Whitelaw, Chairperson, Holy Cross School Board and former PTA Chairperson; William Kenney, parishioner/parent. I am delighted to have a Search Committee of such high integrity and talent and thank each of them for their generous service to our school.

Here is an outline of the task ahead of them:

  1. Committee prepares a School and Community Profile (this step includes anonymous faculty survey on the needs of Holy Cross School).
  2. Committee prepares ads, establishes timeline for applications and interviews
  3. Committee makes recommendation(s) to pastor
  4. Pastor’s input and choice
  5. Superintendent of Schools interviews final candidate
  6. Pastor announces new principal to parish

The Search Committee will begin within several weeks, so that they can begin advertising the position and inviting applications for their consideration.

With our solid curriculum, dedicated teachers, supportive parents and parishioners and with Christ at our core, the future of Holy Cross School looks even brighter. Please pray that the Holy Spirit animates our search and illuminates our path.

To help the Search Committee formulate our school and community profile, please take a moment to complete an online survey about Holy Cross School:

Principal Search Committee Survey

Please note, faculty and staff will be surveyed anonymously by the Search Committee;

this anonymous survey is designed for parents and parishioners