Architect and Engineer at Holy Cross This Week
Windows from Holy Rosary Church on Display in Holy Cross Church

Gifts to Previous Capital Campaigns


Just a reminder about something we've been noting for years: if you pledged and completed a capital campaign donation to either the first parish capital campaign in 2003-4, or to Lift High the Cross, thank you very much. Your generosity enables us to make the goal for our final campaign A Time To Build within our grasp. We have a record of your donation and memorial, if  you chose one, and will happily acknolwedge your gift in a dignified manner in the renovated and expanded church. Call MaryRose from our parish staff, or Terence Curley from CCS, our on-site manager for A Time To Build for details about your previous donation/pledge.

Please consider a donation to A Time To Build - the final phase of our parish building project so long in the making. The campaigns were divided so as to divide the total capital needed into smaller, achievable goals.