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Holy Cross Church Basement

Bird's Eye View of Holy Cross Entry and Garden


I've highlighted a few areas on this plan to show the plan for the garden and entry. The existing church is highlighted in dark blue and the areas of new construction are yellow. The carriage house is highlighted in light blue.

You can see that the area behind the Carriage House, now a parking lot, will be converted into a plaza and entryway to the new southwest entrance to the church. The existing green space to the south and east of the church will be retained and improved.

Entry to the ground level and ramped church doors is by way of the handicapped accessible parking on the northside of the church. This parking court is accessible by the widened drive to the north side of the church which is for handicapped access only.

Three (3) additional handicapped spaces in the main south parking lot are adjacent to the gardens and outdoor hospitality areas.

The garden plan is easily changed and only preliminary, but shows a fountain in the central gathering space and an oval green space for a shrine just east of the fountain toward Ward Avenue.

The dual entry driveways on Ward Avenue in front of the Carriage House have been combined into one, with access to a drop-off zone, parking in front of the Carriage House and the main parking lot. No driveway exists around the church. The space for this driveway was dedicated to the vestibule and narthex of the church.

 A closer view of the Carriage House shows the portion of the Carriage House which is now a toolshed refurbished and dedicated to an area to serve as a center of outdoor hospitality. This can be planned for the future if funds do not permit its completion with the present project.